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An Omonoia Night by NeoNative
An Omonoia Night
Watercolor, September 19, 2016, Livadia, Tilos, Greece.
People talking, eating and enjoying a beautiful night under the trees at the little restaurant Omonoia right in the center of Livadia. The trees lit up by the warm light from the lightbulbs, looking like gigantic fireflies in the night. The night is warm and the mediterranean scents and sounds surrounds us all. For me it sure was a special night, I felt for every night here. Hope you like it!
From the terrace by NeoNative
From the terrace
Watercolor, September 15, 2016. Livadia, Tilos, Greece.
This is a painting of the bougainvillea on the terrace right outside my hotel room in Livadia. I painted this early in the morning of my fourth day on Tilos. In the background the boats staying in Livadia Bay over the night is getting ready to leave for new adventures and the village is slowly waking up to the sound of the roosters. It was such a calm and warm morning and the backlight through on the bougainvillea really made it shimmer in different shades of pink. I just had to try to paint it and I hope that you can feel a bit of the colors and warmth when you look at it. 
Perla Del Mar I by NeoNative
Perla Del Mar I
Watercolor, September 14, 2016, Tilos, Greece.
I was on a late afternoon walk and saw this beautiful ship anchored up just outside Red Beach. I had about an hour before sunset and I decided to try to capture this sight. I found a rock to sit on and began to paint. I could hear that there was a party going on down there with music and people talking. As I was sitting there I suddenly heard people coming up the trail near me. I heard a "hello" and turned around. I expected curious hikers. But this was not the ordinary hikers which I had gotten used to. I think it was seven girls dressed up for party: 
- Are you painting the boat?
- Well...yes I'm trying to, but I'm far from ready.
- Wow! You see it's our boat. Can you show us?
- Well...yes, but it's not ready.
- Can we take a photo of you and the painting so that the girls how are left on board can see later?
- Well...I guess so.
- We don't want to pressure you, but you have to hurry up because they are moving the boat to Livadia in a few minutes.
- Well...I guess I have to hurry up then.
- Bye and have a nice evening!
- Bye and you too!
It was a strange but nice experience. Anyway, I hurried up and this is the result. Perla Del Mar I is the name of this beautiful boat and it had sailed from Marmaris.
Bright lights and hazy dreams by NeoNative
Bright lights and hazy dreams
Watercolor 2016. Manhattan, New York City.
Not even the squeaking breaks from the buss behind him could wake him from his thoughts. It all came bubbling up inside him. Why now, why here? I guess there are limits to what we know about our minds and hearts. Now all those things that had slipped through his fingers and mind before was knocking on the door and no doors or flood gates could keep them out. It will be a long walk home...
Hope you like it!
Full moon over Livadia by NeoNative
Full moon over Livadia
Watercolor, 2016, Livadia, Tilos, Greece.
I watched the end of my first day on Tilos from my terrace eating Greek salad and watching the sky going from blue to purple and then at last to indigo. When the moon came up over the mountains the light over the mountains and the sky was just too beautiful not to try to paint! So I did. Sitting in the dark with just a rather week lamp. And during the whole time I was accompanied by the sight and sounds of the village. It was something extraordinary with the sounds of the Livadia night. There were almost no sounds of cars or motorcycles. Instead I could hear low greek music from the restaurants, people laughing and talking, glasses clinking and over everything I could hear all of the children in the village playing on the square. The pleasant sounds of people interacting and of pure joy. But none of the sounds were loud enough to drown the soothing sound of the waves against the beach. I'm so happy that I got to experience this!
Hope you like it!
Sunset over Livadia Bay by NeoNative
Sunset over Livadia Bay
Watercolor, September 13, 2016, Tilos, Greece.
The third painting from my second day in Livadia. During the afternoon I decided to take a walk to the other side of the bay and paint from the little fishing boat harbor of Faros just outside Livadia. The sun was not that bright and I could sit right by the sea, accompanied by the sound of the waves in the evening breeze. I liked sitting there by the old fishing boats and all of the fishermen's equipments spread out over the stone pier. The smell of the ocean mixed with tar, oil and boat. It was a nice way to end the day and begin the evening. The painting depicts a couple of houses where Livadia ends and nature takes over. The setting sun made the sandy earth surrounding the houses shimmer. It was a lovely view. I hope you like it!
Afternoon light by NeoNative
Afternoon light
Watercolor, September 13, 2016, Tilos, Greece.
It's so difficult to paint mountains and that was one of the challenges I encountered on Tilos. Since Livadia is surrounded by mountains, it was simply impossible to avoid them. The difficulty is to chase the light and shadows! While I painted, the light over the mountains constantly changed and even though you don't notice how the shadows become longer each minute, it becomes painfully apparent when you try to fix them on paper!;) (Wink)  Anyway, I made this painting from my terrace. It depicts part of the bay of Livadia, the new boats visiting for the evening, the far end of the village and the mountains beyond. During afternoons when the water is calm in the bay, the reflections of the mountains creates a beautiful yellow/red shimmer in the water. Hopefully, I managed to capture a little bit of this feeling in the painting. I hope you like it!
Morning light over Livadia by NeoNative
Morning light over Livadia
Watercolor, September 13, 2016, Livadia, Tilos, Greece.
In the morning the light makes the dry red earth and mountains above Livadia shimmer and the different cell towers and other equipment high on the top of the mountain almost turns white. I painted this when I visited a small fishing boat harbor called Faros on the other side of the bay from Livadia. It was a nice place to sit in the shade under a tree. I painted this in the morning of my second day on Tilos and I was almost in a trance: I just wanted to paint every single view I saw!!
I hope you like it! There's more to come! 
On my way to Lethra Beach by NeoNative
On my way to Lethra Beach
Watercolor, 12th September 2016. Tilos, Greece.
This is my second painting from my visit to Tilos. My first hike headed to a beautiful beach called Lethra Beach about 2,5 km over the rocky mountains. The path went from the backside of my hotel (Ilidi Rock) and continued along the very steep mountains. I was informed before that the path had been damaged by a landslide, but that you could climb around this. It was not a path to which I recommend to anyone suffering from fear of heights!! When I came up on the top of the climb I found two benches (!) placed right at the best view. I sat down and painted the first painting (the one on top). I then went dow the hills on old goat tracks down to the beautiful beach of Lethra. There's a nice tree right in the middle of the beach where I could sit in the shade. In the sea just outside the beach there is a small island which was red and white and had the shape of a bathing dinosaur! I just had to paint it! I met some nice people here and they guided me on how to go around the mountains through a deep ravine, but that's another story...
Hope you like it!
Out to sea by NeoNative
Out to sea
Watercolor, 2016. Livadia, Tilos, Greece.
I had the pleasure to visit the small island of Tilos for three weeks during September. My intention was to paint a lot and to go on hikes all around the island. I arrived to Livadia, the only real port and the biggest village on the island, well after sunset. Livadia! Already from the name it felt like taken right out of a fairytale! We had been traveling with a small ferry from Rhodes for three hours in rather hight sea and got to witness an unforgettable sunset over the mediterranean. It felt like we would never arrive, but then suddenly we saw the beautiful, wild and rocky silhouette of the island emerging through the evening mist and the sun was setting right behind the island. For me it was a truly magical moment! It became dark before we had arrived. The next morning I woke up to only the sound of the sea, rooster crows and the pleasant sound of an old fishing boat going out to sea. When I went out on the terrace I was welcomed with the view in this painting. As you understand, I immediately felt really welcome! Tilos embraced me with open arms and this became my first painting of the island, sitting on my terrace shivering from the excitement of finally being here. This was the first out of twenty marvelous sunrises that I got to experience on Tilos!
Hope you like it!


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Magnus Rapp
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Painting is my passion. Expressing myself through pictures has always been very important to me and a very personal thing for me. I mainly work with watercolor and my pictures are mostly personal reflections of places I have visited or dream about visiting. I'm fascinated by big city nights and the lives we live during the night time. I believe that this is the time when we all become more open and are more human than machines. When there is time for other thoughts than about your job and every-day life. There is time for night walks, talks, thoughts, fantasies, love and passion. It's during that time we all can be Neon Natives...

A second passion is music, but thats another story. If you like you can check me out on Soundcloud.

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