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On my way to Haga
Watercolor 2017, Haga, Göteborg, Sweden.
A few minutes ago I was packing my computer and things to go home from work. However, when I came outside, the weather was really clear. Cold and clear. Suddenly I didn't feel at all like siting on a bus. I wanted to walk! Just walk around. So, I decided to do that. I didn't know at all where, so I just went around the corner and continued... All I knew was that I wanted to walk in the street lights under the sunset sky and just feel the city around me. A few minutes later, I realized that I was on my way to Haga. Haga is like a small old town of it's own in the city. Here there are almost no cars and lots of coffe-shops and restaurants. The houses are low tree houses and here people tend to stroll instead of just hurrying. I always find it nice to walk around here, looking at all of the people drinking coffee, eating and enjoying in the windows. It would be nice to live here. To hear the sounds of people walking around, talking outside. I would probably never close my windows! Just before I walked into Haga, I took some pictures of the "entrance", and I decided to do a painting of it. I hope you like it!
Reflections of the storm
Watercolor 2016, Livadia, Tilos, Greece.
Finally the storm blew itself away and left me with a memory and it's beautiful trace of the ever flowing waves in the reflecting light. Moving in slow-motion over the blue fields below my terrace. It's time to move outside again. Find a wave to paint or at least to throw myself into!
Hope you like it!
Climbing Megalo Chorio
Watercolor, 2016. Megalo Chorio, Tilos, Greece.
This is another painting from my trip to Tilos in September. This is a painting from the main village on the island called Megalo Chorio. It is located on a mountain side and on top of the mountain is an ancient citadel where the villagers used to hide in times of war. Here I'm climbing the stairs up through the little village to visit the gallery of the great painter Ms. Stringou. She has a gallery in her home and it was a really nice experience to visit her. She is amazing and greets her visitors with open arms!
Hope you like it!
Lightning over Rhodes
Watercolor, 2016. Tilos, Greece.
This painting is from my travel to Tilos in September. One evening a thunder storm came in over the closest island, Rhodes. It was a spectacular event with lots and lots of lightning. I wanted to capture a feeling of lightning and thunder in this painting.
Hope you like it! 
The only way out
Watercolor, 2017. Devil's Island, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
This is an island which you don't want to be stranded on.
Only the clouds on the horizon reveals the main land.
It's about 38 km, but the currents will bring you there in about two days.
The tricky part is just to find a way out from this island, past the roaring breaking waves.
The water is never calm around Devil's Island.
It's something to do with the currents around here.
If you don't have a really good boat and captain and happen to be stranded here,
the bay in these paintings is the only way out.
It's called a "horse-shoe formation".
The waves have nowhere to go but to crash into the caves and the high walls. 
According to unverified information every 7th wave crashes hard enough to trigger a "counter-wave" which is strong enough to bring you out on the open sea.
The trick is just to know which one...
It's a bit tricky and a bit risky.

Hope you like it! 
Rivers of light
Watercolor, 2017. New York City, United States.

I have these rivers of light inside.
They visit my dreams,
and live in my veins. 
It's the bustle and beat of NYC.

Breakfast on the corner.
A pizza-slice on fifth.
A run around the reservoir.
Risking life to catch a cab.
Fast lunch at Le Burger Joint.
The sights and skylines call.
Scenes in every street.
Stories in every wall.

I want to paint it all.
Every building every sight.
Yes, I often miss the beat.
The beat of NYC.

Hope you like it!
Sunset over NYC
Watercolor, 2017. New York City, USA.
Sometimes words are simply not enough.
It would take hundreds of pages to even begin to describe this view.
I just took a deep breath and experienced it. All the lights, the sun, the sounds, the shades and the colors. 
Then I took an even deeper breath and tried to paint it ;) I must admit that this was quiet a challenge...
Hope you like it!
Summer in the fields
Watercolour 2016, Båstad, Bjärehalvön, Sweden.
This is two of the views from a walk this summer in the fields on top of the hills above the town of Båstad on Bjärehalvön. The bee just happened to take a little walk on my painting, so I decided to paint it :) It was a beautiful day!
Hope you like it!
A string of lights
Watercolor, 2016. Tilos, Greece.
This is my first sight of the village Livadia on Tilos. The boat had just came around the peninsula east of the village and into Livadia Bay. This was the sight that met us. The mountains seemed so high and monumental. Like if they were hugging and guarding this little place with their tall dark, calming, shadows. Their shelter made the wind, which we had experienced out on the open water, to disappear. I got a feeling of being safe. It was so beautiful. This was gonna be my home for the coming three weeks and I was so excited when I finally walked ashore. The night was so warm, dark and quiet. It was the beginning of an adventure.
I hope you'll like it!


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Magnus Rapp
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Painting is my passion. Expressing myself through pictures has always been very important to me and a very personal thing for me. I mainly work with watercolor and my pictures are mostly personal reflections of places I have visited or dream about visiting. I'm fascinated by big city nights and the lives we live during the night time. I believe that this is the time when we all become more open and are more human than machines. When there is time for other thoughts than about your job and every-day life. There is time for night walks, talks, thoughts, fantasies, love and passion. It's during that time we all can be Neon Natives...

A second passion is music, but thats another story. If you like you can check me out on Soundcloud.


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