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A glimpse of hidden dreams by NeoNative
A glimpse of hidden dreams
Watercolor, 2016. London and beyond.
An early morning walk across and along the river and The Eye watching over it all. Always present. I looked up at Big Ben and then I got this feeling, like if there was a different sight and landscape within and around the dark ring of the Ferris wheel, maybe a watch-tower or something and the whole thing seemed out of proportion somehow. But as I turned my head to look, it all disappeared and the wheel was like always. Maybe my mind played me a trick or the bright lights had this effect? I don't know.  Maybe you've felt the same feeling sometime...
Hope you like it!
In between towers by NeoNative
In between towers
Watercolor, 2016. New York City, USA.
In between meetings,
a walk in the green,
wich I see from my window,
like a dream in between.

I will try to walk paths,
in between all these streets,
to maybe hear the birds,
in between all these tweets.

I bought me a pretzel,
to eat while I walk,
around me the skyline,
like I'm in between walls.

But at least I think,
in between all these calls,
spend some time with the birds,
these minutes are ours,
and no one can reach me,
when I'm in between towers.

Hope you like it!
Above us by NeoNative
Above us
Watercolor, 2016. Göteborg, Sweden.
Running over the street in between the rain showers.
Another November storm blasting though the streets.
Nobody seems to notice the beautiful light in the sky.
What's the source?
Another spotlight in the sky or something els...
Nobody sees the mysterious clouds above us.
It's too dark, to cold and to windy to even look up.
Let's get inside.

Just think of all the things happening above our heads when we're busy shopping, taking the bus, getting out of the rain or looking at our phone...

Hope you like it!
Early morning walk by NeoNative
Early morning walk
Watercolor ( 56x76 cm) 2016, Göteborg, Sweden.
This is a painting from a picture I took on November 17. It's 6 am and I'm walking from the buss to the Central Station in Göteborg to take the train. As you can see it was very quiet and almost no people around. On my way I decided to stop by one of the favorite places in the world, at the café Bar Centro. This morning I was the second coffee-lover to visit. We had a nice chat, me, the other guest and the owner. Then I met up my friend at the station and we went to watch Lars Lerin's amazing art-exhibition at Sandgrund in Karlstad. This amazing experience inspired me to make this painting.
Hope you like it! 
The glowing boat by NeoNative
The glowing boat
Watercolor, 2016, Livadia, Tilos, Greece.
This is another painting from my trip to Tilos in September. We're looking out over Livadia Bay at the end of a windy but warm day. The late afternoon sun reflected so nicely on the boat. I was heading to buy some ingredients for my greek salad on the terrace and later on I painted this from the photo I took.
Hope you like it!
Going down town by NeoNative
Going down town
Watercolor, 2014, Brooklyn, New York City.
Moments before going down town to experience a night in NYC. Nothing planned, but to walk around and visit any place that seems nice, warm and friendly. It's a cold night, but we'll let the bright lights warm up our minds. Let's go!
Hope you like it!
Shaded by pines by NeoNative
Shaded by pines
Watercolor, 2013. Ibiza, Spain.
Out in the countryside.
Along the Aubarca coast.
Almost on top of a hill.
Where the small road ends up in the pine woods.
With the lit up piazza directed towards the sea.
And the hill top protecting against the north wind.
There's this finca as if it was sprung out of the ground.
Like a secret garden out of reach and out of time.
Who could imagine this secret was to find.
At the end of this small, dusty mountain road.

Hope you like it!
A stroll in the golden hour by NeoNative
A stroll in the golden hour
Watercolor 2016, L'Ile Rousse, Corse, France.

Just a few steps outside.
To breathe the mediterranean air,
Wonderful tastes on my tongue
and beautiful scents through my mind.
All the windows and minds,
open to the summer air.
Somewhere a TV,
music from the pubs,
new and old friends talk,
a girl laughs.
Nowhere I have to go,
Nothing I have to show,
I'm just here on my own,
A few steps away.
Wish this evening never ends.
Wish this moment always stays.
I walk slow, so slow, to remain,
in this warm light,
in this warm night,
in this golden hour of mine.

A painting from my visit to Corse two years ago. I hope you like it!
At the end gazing further... by NeoNative
At the end gazing further...
Watercolor, 2016. Tilos, Greece.
I think I love to stand at endings gazing further.
Because where something ends, something else begins.
Where those rocks end, the ocean begins
and behind those clouds, who knows what's to find...
That's how great this world is made.
Ever since I was a kid I've always wanted to look around the corner.
To see what's behind that turn, that tree or even the horizon and the setting sun.
I always want to explore every path.
Why? I don't know. But somehow I believe in curiosity.
Since we're all set down in this world, without any map or hints about why.
And the future is made of choices and directions not yet taken.
So, maybe the curios mind has a chance to understand.
And that's a chance or maybe a risk I will gladly take.
Maybe it won't take me anywhere,
but at least I got to see where those paths ended up.
Maybe its at a beautiful deserted beach like this day...

This is the view from the steep rocks above Stavros Beach, which I climbed to during my travel to Tilos in September.
I hope you like it! You can also look at my painting from when I arrived to Stavros Beach:…
Maria by NeoNative
Watercolor, 2016, Livadia, Tilos, Greece.
This is another painting from my trip to the little island of Tilos in September. Maria is one of the small fishing boats that went out from Livadia every morning. It was the gentle sound of this boat that I woke up to every morning just in time to go out and see the sunrise from the terrace. It's one of the smallest fishing boats I have ever seen and I just had to paint it!
Hope you like it! 


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Magnus Rapp
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Painting is my passion. Expressing myself through pictures has always been very important to me and a very personal thing for me. I mainly work with watercolor and my pictures are mostly personal reflections of places I have visited or dream about visiting. I'm fascinated by big city nights and the lives we live during the night time. I believe that this is the time when we all become more open and are more human than machines. When there is time for other thoughts than about your job and every-day life. There is time for night walks, talks, thoughts, fantasies, love and passion. It's during that time we all can be Neon Natives...

A second passion is music, but thats another story. If you like you can check me out on Soundcloud.

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